Meet Your Team

We are a skilled team of professionals in the fields of technology, design, content, and research. And we take our passion for design seriously. This combination of technological know-how, consumer insight, communications strategy and execution creates a complete approach to solutions for our clients.

By focusing on people more than technology, we get to the heart of what users want from your website. How do we find out? Simple. We ask them. Then we overlay your company’s goals and find the sweet spot where you and your users can connect online. We’ll give you the tools to see how your users interact with your site and empower you to make the appropriate content changes to maximize your site’s effectiveness.

A brand is not a logo. It’s who you are, how you talk and how you do business. Successful brand strategy explains why Earl owns a Ford in Ohio and Brittany leases a Mercedes in LA. Their buying decisions (and how they buy them) define how they see themselves. Customers that identify with your product or service provide brand loyalty (and higher profit margins) for you.


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Constant Contact®, Inc.’s email marketing, online survey tools, and event management tools help small businesses and organizations connect to customers quickly, easily, and affordable—and build stronger relationships.

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“K Design Labs has demonstrated they understand what business is all about. They are always well organized. They are always aware of the bottom line, and has a knack for recognizing and eliminating waste. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as they are, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency.”

Kerri, Artist Relations/Sales | Dunlop Manufacturing Incorporated